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IT Systems Manager

This position has overall responsibility for the agency’s technology activities, including both applications/systems management and technology infrastructure. This will include but not be
limited to telecommunications, systems administration, database management, data security, computer operations and end-user support/help desk. Activities include defining and facilitating appropriate policies, company-wide standards, plans, and control for information technologies.


The IT Manager is also responsible for keeping current on improvements and advances in technology and systems and how they fit with the particular needs of the agency, anticipating needs and requirements of staff and matching capabilities and resources to meet these requirements effectively, making recommendations on appropriate updates to hardware, software, and technical configurations to insure both efficiency and high quality customer service, including the cost/service justifications for those updates.





  • Proactively monitor, test, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems to ensure
    proper operation of all automation and communication systems. Coordinate and oversee
    maintenance of systems. Perform tasks with minimal disruption to staff and minimum
    downtime for agency.
  • Determine current and future systems needs; research, evaluate and recommend innovative
    and cost effective solutions.
  • Effectively communicate relevant IT-related information to others in a timely manner.
  • Serve as main point of contact on all IT-related matters for the agency.



Technology Management:


We utilize an Outsourced Service Provider for our core technology needs. The IT Systems
Manager will work with this vendor to perform the following:


  • Manage our computing and networking infrastructure and strategy to support the
    needs of all departments. Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with
    current hardware and software.
  • Design, implement, test and upgrade as needed the agency’s disaster recovery plan.
  • Oversee annual archiving of selected data as determined by Management.
  • Establish and maintain the standards for information privacy protection by creating
    and implementing appropriate policies and procedures, in coordination with
    management and legal counsel.
  • Define and implement security tools and mechanisms to ensure the safety and
    security of both the company and client’s assets. Perform regular security checks on
    systems to safeguard against hackers and virus threats.
  • Maintain communications equipment and services (including phone and voice mail
    systems) and recommend solutions to communications problems. Manage and
    develop upgrades to telephone system and oversee all changes.
  • Implement monitoring system to ensure staff complies with all hardware and
    software guidelines including internet use.
  • Monitor all help desk activities and respond to issues in a timely fashion.
  • Author and maintain master systems procedures and security manual.
  • Build and maintain vendor relationships and manage the purchase of all software, hardware
    and other IT supplies.



Management of Insurance Specific Platforms:


  • Develop an understanding of insurance, risk management and employee benefits issues and
    how automated solutions are used to resolve those issues.
  • Attend and actively participate in users group meetings for all critical transactional systems.
  • Maintain professional liaison with and among insurance companies. Analyze and
    coordinate interfacing implementations. Meet with insurance company personnel to learn,
    review, and modify (as available) proprietary systems.



General Management Responsibilities:


  • Remain on the forefront of emerging technology practices; identify opportunities for
    improvement and make constructive suggestions for change. Understand how innovations
    can improve agency performance.
  • Participate in the annual budget process and provide costs for technology upgrades,
    replacements or additions.



Job Accountability Measures:


  • Timing and responsiveness to client and staff needs.
  • Technical and personal development.
  • Adherence in priority setting for agency objectives.
  • Proactive, creative problem solving.
  •  IT system performance.
  • Communication.



Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


  • A 4-year college degree in information systems technology or computer science or
    equivalent work experience.
  • Proficient knowledge in computer networks, network administration and installation,
    computer hardware and software systems and programs, computer viruses and security
    and E-mail and internet programs.
  • Ability to work well with others in solution of mutual problems; respect the opinions,
    abilities and contributions of others; cooperative and open minded in working with others.
  • Consistently display a proactive, positive, customer focus and demonstrate a dedicated
    sense of urgency in serving their interests.
  • Excellent verbal, written, presentation and listening skills.
  • Flexibility and creativity for developing innovative and customized business solutions to
  • General understanding of insurance with a specific understanding of agency workflow
    procedures and their interface with automation systems.
  • Possess demonstrated time management, organizational and decision making skills.
  • Computer literacy for Microsoft Office, Windows Server and modern web browsers and
    technologies with the ability to create and edit spreadsheets, presentations and
    correspondence, perform data entry and access data.



Working Conditions:


  • High-pressured, fast-paced, stressful environment dealing with employees that might be
    frustrated and require immediate help. Multiple projects at one time that may be
    interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of others.
  • This position carries ultimate responsibility for the operational capability of the company’s
    technology. The ability to calmly and effectively coordinate resources under pressure is
    critical to this role.


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